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Friday, January 1, 2016

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

OPEN LETTER to Mayor de Blasio on ACS child welfare corruption

Editors Note: This is a guest post from activist Aleah Holland. -M.P.
Aleah Holland
Aleah Holland
As a lifelong citizen of New York, a registered nurse for seventeen years and licensed childcare provider, I find myself asking “Does the de Blasio Administration support acts of corruption or will your administration be the first to finally stand up to protect children from family court supported-ACS corruption in New York City?”
From Lisa Steinberg to Elisa Izquierdo to Myls Dobson, I am appalled by ACS.
Since 2012, I have been working with nearly 10,000 mothers to create a movement to bring awareness to the need of ACS reform as a child protection agency in New York City. The family court system has become a multi-billion dollar protected empire built on seizing children and separating families. There is no accountability for hurting families in this system. There are thousands of proven cases where the caseworkers and social workers are repeatedly found guilty of fraud, withholding, fabricating, and destroying evidence, or seeking to terminate parental rights unnecessarily for the reward money.
Poor families whose only crime is being poor are often targeted. With a $3 billion budget, taxpayers are fed up with secrecy, incompetency, and familial destruction by this agency known as Administration of Children’s Services, which is responsible for the violent death of Myls Dobson and too many other children under its poor pitiful care.
Cases that can be resolved in less than 90 days are litigated as long as 9 years or more with children growing up in the clutches of this a system. Just this week, I had a mother lose a child to a man that ACS knew was a child abuser. I met a mother who has been in court for 13 years and a father for who has been fighting for his children for 17 years.
With the continuance of having no consequences for their tactless actions – along with caseworker negligence in regards to the children – ACS is in danger of continuing a never-ending practice that will only lead to more deaths, destroyed children and youth which leads to destroyed adults. I have never witness ed such immoral human beings dealing with the lives of children and families.
The Administration for Children Snatching business has grown accustomed to having these billions of taxpayer dollars to balance the budget of state employees, court investigators, lawyers, judges, court personal, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, foster parents, adoptive parents, social workers, and on and on with a seemingly unlimited corrupt dependence on this legal kidnapping for money funded by the Social Security Administration Title IV grants and the Department of Health and Human Services.
As an upstanding member in my community and a member since 1997 of the largest church in Brooklyn Christian Cultural Center. I was unaware that this was actually happening to humans until I was captured in this child rigging custody for cash system.
To have been victimized and criminalized by this system – which I thought I could trust – has been beyond devastating, definitely life shattering and left me with a sense of betrayal. I am convinced that a system that functions as criminally as this do not belong in society.
In order for family court supported, ACS corruption has to end, there has to be a better way to create jobs without torturing families and children.  Asking the New York City Council to approve 362 more untrustworthy and unjust caseworkers that separates families for money is mind boggling and horrifying to me. Taxpayers already foot the bill for this child protection hoax and hustle that destroys family connections and heritage forever.
I urge you not to throw away billions of taxpayers money into ACS’ broken system. We must first address the humongous amount of fraud that has led to the deaths of four children in the first one hundred days of your administration. We must first address the removal of children and the lack the ability to protect children from their deaths.
It appears that more deaths of black and brown children lead to more money and more problems. There is no accountability in child protection services.
My heart dropped as I learned more money would be put into this system that has been failing children year after year. The preventative service budget has been slashed while ACS has doubled the number of children who will placed in residential mental health centers.
All I could think about was the Gestapo and more families being destroyed by this agency, more false documentation to support their bad misdeeds, more fraud-waste-and-abuse, more children being neglected, maltreated, and murdered, and 362 more incompetent- negligent- and fraudulent caseworkers to document whatever is need to keep their jobs or get overtime, that is a truthful fact.
Time and time again, taxpayers have heard blanket statements by ACS that heavy caseloads is what caused them to “fake document leading to removal of children from good parents or  pushed them to “invent fake visits which they are paid for to homes where children were endangered and murdered.”
It’s no longer a secret that a large amount of ACS’s budget is misused in a litigious fashion against mothers and fathers who speak out against their unorganized, unfair, malicious proceedings; which goes as far as to invent evidence, manufacture facts, and create issues to then strip good mothers and fathers of their children as a form of retaliation.
Many of ACS’s baseless fraudulent claims remain in litigation in the family court system for numerous years with everyone benefiting from the fruits of the labor of the “custody for cash” business except the family that just needed a little help.
This system can formulate a different strategy of how to traumatize and destroy any family to get to reach their ultimate goals, goals of creating business which are different then what most parents of NYC think the system is there for, which is “The Best Interest of The Child.” ACS has clearly disregarded “the best interest of the child” for a long time now.
It has demonstrated more of a “Custody for Cash” type module putting children in harm’s way and many bad actors from family court judges, social workers, attorneys, therapist, and psychiatrist and on will join in for the right amount of dividends or financial rewards.
Children torn away from their homes or placed in to foster care fraudulently are growing up traumatized in a catastrophic broken system, because it is fixed this way. Children that are torn away from their homes demonstrating emotional sadness or depression are then placed on Psychotropic drugs by psychiatrist, which is more pay for foster care agencies like children in Special Ed receive more funding.
As a registered nurse I know that in a hospital setting “mechanical restraints” such as psychotropic drugs is one of the last resorts into restraining a person, usually used a to prevent self-harm to self or to others, and if used abusively such as a form of control by a healthcare professional that professional can lose our job, we can face criminal charges, fines, or we can go to jail.
So, how loosely psychotropic drugs are used in this administration against the parent’s objection is perplexing as there is severe long term effect from using these drugs, even more severe as boys growing breast but death. This type of chemical weapon is severely destructive. Removing children first then placed on drugs is a depraved and immoral action.
Moreover, research has shown death of a parent is number one most traumatic event for a child triggering everything from depression to PTSD, severe mental injuries, physical illnesses, and learning disabilities. Children constructively losing their good-loving parents not to a car accident, or a severe health event such as cancer, but to design by a court ordered answer and consequence as a result of homelessness, a sink full of dirty dishes, or something else of mediocre or false pretense must end. To pay for a residence for a homeless-family for a year is around $20,000 or less. To litigate a homeless family and place a child in care then family in shelter could easily cost taxpayers $500,000. I wrote the numbers out to really see the difference of taking a child and helping a child.
This system has clearly shown.
No children means no problems.
No problems=no business.
No business =no money.
No money=No Job.
When Amber Alerts are issued against parents trapped in this cruel, unusual, and untrustworthy custody-trapping system time, it’s time for reform. NYC children and parents should not be terrorized with fear due to this administration scare-tactics. ACS caseworkers, lawyers, therapists, and judges can waste millions a dollars a year off of one child in the system off  of bogus claims, which is a small fraction compared to what could have maintained and assisted in bringing optimal health, safety, security and keeping that family together.
I witnessed and wrote a book about ACS and the system aiding and abetting abusers with financial fraud, and other incentives while inventing false situations to steal children of their loving mothers that have experienced life hardships.
This agency changes its name but the waste, fraud, abuse and preventable endangering of children clearly remains the same. It is just further buried, and the name change is a distraction that is supposed to make people forget these murders and crimes of neglect to these children and families.
In order to prevent more senseless murders, and mitigate damages to families by this system, an intensive investigation into every case where children have been removed, or threats of children to be removed must be analyzed with parents voices included.
I wish I could be that good girl and turn a blind eye to this systemic atrocity of the enormous amount of wrong by this system, but I can’t. The only justified money is into a federal investigation into the fraud and trauma, and abuse in this system. We have to stop throwing poor and vulnerable children under the bus.
This will be the only true and honest ways to get to the bottom of what is really going on in this rigged, corrupt, and racketeering failed system, where case by case demonstrates practices and policies are easily based on false documenting, and poor documenting.

I would like to meet with you to discuss changes that are needed.

POINT ONE: Confidentiality and secrecy within ACS protects the wrong people. The courtrooms must be open to the public including the news media. The Family Court system needs more regulation and more accountability.

POINT TWO: Aiding and abetting abusers under the “Father Rights” while stripping mothers of preventative services must end. Children have a right not be abused for incentives.

POINT THREE: Fraud waste and abuse must end in this system that promotes their child stripping business.

Until you hold ACS accountable for the deaths and rapes of children in their care, your administration will continue to lose support of taxpayers and parents.
Aleah Holland RN, Founder of Heal Network Inc.
HEAL Mothers & Children Coalition
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